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  • Gary Robertson

    "There are many reasons I’d recommend working at JCW. First, is their commitment to employee development and the fantastic training you receive. It’s not like other companies where they promise you a promotion, but nothing comes of it due to lack of openings or excuses. The other key factors for me are of course, the high earning potential, company holidays, awesome mix and diversity of people and the title-winning JCW 5 aside footy team!"  

    Gary Robertson, Senior Consultant at JCW

  • Luke Welham

    "I began my career 6 years ago in the contract delivery team working on some of our key accounts and had fantastic success as the company’s top performer in my team. I then decided to move into a 360 role, and the company backed me all the way. They have been supportive from day one, the training has been invaluable and I've becoming a Principle Managing Consultant as a result.  It has been an incredible 6 years from both a career and personal perspective. Incentives and holidays run every year, and I’ve been fortunate enough to go to Vegas, Miami, Ibiza, France and New York. It’s a great working environment with a vibrant crowd and a great social scene, but with a real focus on achievement and recognition. Looking forward to my what my next 6 years hold!" 

    Luke Welham, Principal Managing Consultant at JCW

  • Josh Serlin

    "I started as a trainee consultant five years ago, and I was immediately impressed by the advanced training I received. JCW trained me not just how to recruit, but also about the technical understanding of the markets we operated in. I was quickly able to identify market trends, and current affairs within our sectors, and the fantastic recruitment training I recieved saw me progress rapidly within the company. I started working at JCW in London, which is where I am from. After great success at the company, I was given the opportunity to open my own business within the JCW Group in Los Angeles, as it was always my dream to live there. JCW delivers on their promise to grow the careers (and lives) of their employees, and the opportunities once you get in the company are abundant. ​" 

    Josh Serlin, Director at Cybernetic Search

  • Compliance Manager

    "JCW were able to show me jobs that weren't advertised and got me in front of a company I'd been trying to break on job boards for a while. They worked carefully to ensure that both the employer and the role that I was interested in was a personality and skills match and that the job would genuinely be good for me and my career in the long run. I welcomed that approach, as this is always my biggest fear when thinking about leaving a job I am relatively comfortable in." 

    Compliance Manager, Global Bank.

  • Senior Audit Manager

    "I highly recommend JCW who were able to advise me on salary expectations as I hadn’t realised how much more valuable my skills had become since my last job search. They gave me frank advice on what career options were best for me and told me bluntly whether they thought the company was right for me personally or not, which I really appreciated."

    Senior Audit Manager, Top 10 Accounting Firm, UK.

  • Senior Structurer

    "I was approached by Alex at JCW to work on a transaction-based project for a client over a period of approximately six months. A big concern when taking on a contract job is getting my invoices on time. However, Alex and the JCW team were always helpful in sorting out any admin issues, and my invoices were paid promptly. I would happily work with them again and highly recommend them to others thinking of taking on interim assignments."

    Senior Structurer, Retail Commercial Bank

  • Head of Compliance

    "I’ve worked with JCW for a number of years now and highly recommend working with them. I save time working with JCW because I receive no more than 3-4 quality CVs for the roles I’m hiring for each time. This makes reviewing CVs more enjoyable for me and the interview process much quicker. It also means I have a better understanding of each of the candidate’s background which reduces my fear of making a hiring mistake."

    Head of Compliance, International Commercial Bank.

  • Senior Risk Manager

    "I highly recommend JCW.  Their knowledge of the risk market was invaluable. They spotted trends I hadn’t considered and made informed decisions for me instead of blankly firing CVs for the sake of it.  I appreciated their technical understanding and their direct approach if they thought I was going down the wrong hiring path."  

    Senior Risk Manager, Corporate Insurance