There’s Method In Our Madness, We Think…

We reached out to law firm, Align, following a business acquisition. They had recently acquired another business and subsequently had suddenly seen a large increase in the number of clients they were now working with.

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Our client's workload was extremely high and they were looking for support staff at all levels to facilitate the next 12 months of work. They asked us to help source four open positions, we spoke with the hiring manager in order to get a better understanding the business and their expectations so we can match candidates’ ambitions with the company goals.



We began our search by mapping out the market for professionals whose background fit the profile brief for each role. We approached candidates who worked in similar roles to see if they would be open to new opportunities, we made sure we highlighted the advantages of transitioning to a firm that was acquiring businesses and expanding rapidly. We explained to candidates how working for a growing business presented more development opportunities.

We were able to successfully source 15 candidates to present the client, we wanted to give them as many options as possible to fill the roles, allowing them to select the most suitable candidates. The market is highly competitive, so we advised the client to ensure their interview process is as quick and efficient as possible to avoid losing candidates who might be put off by a lengthy process.



The client agreed they did not wish to long out the process, they interviewed each candidate and made quick decisions based on experience and culture fit. All four positions were successfully filled following offers from the client.

We have kept in touch with the client and members of our team have travelled to the Netherlands to touch base with them face to face and meet the candidates we placed. The feedback we received has been extremely positive and the candidates expressed how much they were enjoying their roles at the company so far.

The team went above and beyond to deliver the job

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