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After working with this client for a number of years in the Netherlands, they reached out to us for assistance in Belgium. Our client was looking for an anti-money laundering (AML) compliance officer following the creation a new directive released in early 2020 requiring banks to increase their AML resources.

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The increased demand for AML professionals created a more competitive market, so we advised the bank on how to best conduct the search and attract talent. We arranged a client meeting with HR and the head of Compliance to outline a plan for the hiring process. Following this discussion, the client authorised us to commence the search for suitable candidates.



We began sourcing profiles through our personal database, network and actively heading hunting passive candidates. We were able to shortlist 15 candidates who matched the criteria. After the screening process, we selected the five candidates who best fit the profile. Following first stage interviews, the client was interested in two candidates in particular who were advanced to the final stage of the hiring process.

The client made an offer to a candidate who had demonstrated strong qualifications however, the candidate wanted to negotiate the terms of the position as they would be transitioning from a role with specific benefits. To ensure the offer didn’t fall through, we liaised with the client about any additional benefits they could offer the candidate as this was clearly an important consideration for them when deciding whether to accept the role. With the expectations communicated clearly and early in the process we were able to successfully come to an agreement.



The candidate was happy to accept the offer with the additional benefits. Our feedback from the client since has been positive and the candidate has been at the company long term. We underwent market surveys on this client’s behalf to help them better gage the salaries and benefits within the market. We continue to have a long-standing partnership with this client and off the back of this placement, we now also work with this client in regularly in Belgium as well as in the Netherlands.

From the initial consultation to the final offer, the team at JCW were professional, friendly, and committed to delivering the highest quality work.

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