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This client had been searching for a suitable candidate to fill a junior tax lawyer position for several months. The role was created because the firm had been undergoing a restructure and as a result were seeking more junior staff to support business operations.

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This client contacted us to help source for this role as we had worked well with them in the past and they trusted us to find good candidates. Prior to our involvement, the client had conducted final stage interviews with candidates however, their offers had been declined in favour of staying in their current roles. Due to the difficulties the client had experienced, it was important to them that we were putting forward candidates who were serious about the role to avoid the position being left vacant.



We met with the client at their offices to discuss the role further. By gaining a more thorough understanding of the client and their values, we were able to effectively communicate the business values to candidates during the hiring process, including details about the office environment, organisational structure, and team members.

It was vital to the client that potential candidates were screened to ensure they were fully committed to the position and would accept the role if offered. After presenting the client with several candidates for the role, they expressed a strong preference for one particular candidate who they felt would thrive as a junior member of the team and have great potential for growth within the company.



The candidate accepted the employment offer and has already begun their first few weeks in the position. So far, we have received positive feedback from the hiring manager informing us that the candidate has integrated will within the team and is learning a lot.

The open position required prompt resolution so our efficiency in sourcing someone for the position was appreciated by the client. We maintain our strong relationship with this client within the tax space and are now working with them in ten other departments within the firm and have an exclusive agreement, so we are the only staffing firm they work with.

The team was incredibly responsive, keeping us updated on the progress of our search and providing detailed feedback on each potential candidate.

Name: Senior Tax Lawyer

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