Diversity Policy

We are committed to supporting the principle of equal opportunities for all. We strongly oppose all unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of any protected characteristics such as age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religious belief, or disability.

As a recruitment partner we treat all candidates with the same level of attention, courtesy and professionalism and actively encourage applicants from a wide talent pool. We aim to draw upon the widest possible range of views and experiences to meet the changing needs of our staff, clients, partners, candidates, contractors and temporary workers. We seek to promote diversity and to respond to the needs of all individuals in a fair and equitable manner, whilst observing our commitment and responsibility to current legislation. Thus, our vacancy advertising and recruitment and selection processes are compliant with the following legislation.

  • The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.
  • The Local Government Act 1988 and 1999.
  • Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Act (SENDA) 2001.
  • Racial & Religious Hatred Act 2006.
  • The Work & Families Act 2006.
  • Equality Act 2010.

We are committed to working in partnership with companies to help them build and grow diverse teams and provide candidate shortlists that are representative of the location. We do this by:

  • Dedicated diversity training for all staff
  • Un-biased job advert writing training
  • Diverse candidate sourcing best practice and training
  • Gender neutral job advertising using Paiger, a tool to identify the use of masculine language in job adverts
  • Diversity statement on all job adverts
  • The implementation of blind shortlists as requested (no name CVs)
  • Conducting monitoring to ensure processes are fair, equitable and accessible and to identify any significant under-representation