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Why partner with JCW? 

Simply because good candidates come to JCW to join one of the most competitive and well-nurtured global talent networks in your industry, and we help companies like yours find the right people fit. Our consultants are highly trained in each of our markets so we can work with you as your talent partner to achieve your business growth strategy. 

Did you know that 80% of skilled professionals in your industry are passive candidates?

This means that 80% of your talent pool aren't actively job-hunting and this includes the best talent in your industry because they aren't incentivised to look elsewhere.  As an employer this makes it incredibly difficult for you to find the right people for your team and just advertising your vacancy isn’t always enough.  

Despite an 80% passive talent market, one-third of our placements come from market mapping and direct approaches to people who aren't looking.

A direct approach from us to our network means we can place top talent with you regardless of whether they are actively searching or not. Join 100's of clients already benefitting from our services. 

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Why jcw?

Client Testimonials 

  • Head of Compliance

    "I’ve worked with JCW for a number of years now and highly recommend working with them. I save time working with JCW because I receive no more than 3-4 quality CVs for the roles I’m hiring for each time. This makes reviewing CVs more enjoyable for me and the interview process much quicker. It also means I have a better understanding of each of the candidate’s background which reduces my fear of making a hiring mistake."

    Head of Compliance, International Commercial Bank.

  • Senior Risk Manager

    "I highly recommend JCW.  Their knowledge of the risk market was invaluable. They spotted trends I hadn’t considered and made informed decisions for me instead of blankly firing CVs for the sake of it.  I appreciated their technical understanding and their direct approach if they thought I was going down the wrong hiring path."  

    Senior Risk Manager, Corporate Insurance