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As experts in finding the best senior legal counsel jobs, we understand the importance of the role and the crucial part you play in managing an organisation's legal operations. You will be responsible for maintaining the legal integrity of an organisation and ensuring a business operates under the required rules and regulations. As a senior professional, you will have prior experience in providing legal counsel to a company's board members and executive shareholders across various legal topics.  

Senior legal counsel jobs are an exciting career prospect, from planning legal defence techniques to help safeguard your company's reputation against potential legal issues, monitoring the risk of critical business decisions like takeovers and mergers, or ensuring the business works within the law and governance policies. With excellent career progression opportunities available to you, there's never been a better time to move into a senior legal counsel role. 

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At JCW, our senior legal counsel consultants are specialists in legal recruitment and are here to help you succeed in your next career move. Our experts have established an extensive network of top organisations that require your specific skill set and have access to a broad range of opportunities to support your career goals.

We will work with you to understand you and your career objectives and focus our efforts on connecting you with the perfect senior legal counsel vacancies to progress your career. If you’re ready to take the next step in your job search, look no further than JCW. 

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Senior legal counsel duties and responsibilities

As a senior professional, your position will come with various responsibilities. For example, working for a range of global corporations across varied sectors, you will support other legal counsel and internal lawyers to ensure the organisation maintains compliance. To add further context to the role, here are some of the typical senior legal counsel duties and responsibilities. 

  • Offer legal advice to top-level company executives on a range of subjects, such as business partnerships, ventures, finance, labour law, and governance policies
  • Ensure the company adheres to financial laws and regulations by monitoring its compliance
  • Assist internal stakeholders in comprehending legal terminology
  • Oversee communication and foster relationships with external entities, such as regulators, public authorities, governing bodies, and external legal counsel
  • Carry out research and comprehend the diverse legal risks associated with significant business decisions
  • Prepare and negotiate legal documents and contracts while prioritising the protection of the company's legal rights
  • Collaborate with management and executives to develop legal defence strategies and implement tactics to safeguard the company against potential legal problems
  • Stay updated with the most recent trends and legislation relevant to the company

Senior legal counsel skills and qualifications

Successful candidates looking to transition into a senior legal counsel role within the niche area of the legal sector will be required to be equipped with a range of the following skills and qualifications. 

  • Capability to strategise, develop, and execute legal defence tactics
  • Fantastic written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to project manage various assignments simultaneously 
  • A strong knowledge of the legal industry, encompassing corporate statutes and rules
  • Excellent at resolving complex issues through a strategic and analytical approach
  • Dependable and trusted to manage sensitive data with integrity 
  • Extensive experience as a legal counsel
  • A master’s or degree in law, business administration, or a related higher-level qualification is desirable

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