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Our legal recruitment specialists recognise the importance of compliance manager roles and the invaluable part individuals in this position play for various global corporations. From implementing processes and policies that maintain an organisation's ethical and legal integrity, you ensure businesses remain compliant with the laws and regulations relevant to the company. You also liaise with senior management to discuss the latest and forecasted rules and regulations, ensuring the company is equipped to adapt to and comply with changes.

As a compliance manager, you will help develop short- and long-term plans for a business aligned with the company goals and objectives, ensuring all legal requirements are adhered to and upheld. If any breaches are made, you will enforce disciplinary action to ensure issues are resolved and not repeated. Working in various industries, including financial services, you go above and beyond to maintain the company's reputation, steering clear of potential threats. 

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At JCW, our expert compliance manager recruiters work closely with you to understand your career goals and objectives. Once we’ve established what you’re looking for, be it a contract or permanent role, our consultants will tap into our extensive network to connect you with the position best suited to your needs. 

We will dedicate time to ensure you are matched with the compliance manager jobs to help you succeed in your career. From the application stage to the interview and final job offer, we won’t stop until you are placed into your dream role. 

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Compliance manager duties and responsibilities

Various responsibilities accompany compliance manager jobs. From ensuring the wider business remains compliant with the necessary rules and regulations to spearheading the integrity and reputation of the company from a legal standpoint, here are some of the essential duties and responsibilities of a compliance manager.

  • Conduct research on the latest compliance laws and regulations
  • Review and improve auditing processes to ensure compliance issues are dealt with effectively 
  • Interpret complex compliance processes in a simplified way that the wider business understands
  • Investigate compliance issues to uncover why they happened 
  • Frequently update employees on the company’s compliance standards 
  • Ensure the company remains compliant with its short and long-term business objectives
  • Enforce disciplinary action if breaches of compliance are made
  • Create documentation and guides to show employees how to successfully comply with required rules and regulations

Compliance manager skills and qualifications

You should have various skills and qualifications if you want to succeed as a compliance manager. We've provided a list of some of these skills and qualifications to show you how to progress in this niche area within the legal space.

  • An in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of relevant laws and regulations
  • Ability to adapt to changes in industry regulation
  • Strong interpersonal and conflict management skills when reacting to internal and external legal issues
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Fantastic analytical skills
  • Ability to simplify complex law and compliance language
  • An ability to advise and make critical business decisions 
  • Great problem-solving skills

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