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Our expert legal recruitment consultants understand the significance of company secretary roles. As a company secretary, otherwise known as a head of governance, you play an essential role in ensuring the organisation you work for abides by the financial regulations and the law. With a deep knowledge of the laws specific to your company, you make sure your employer maintains the highest level of corporate governance. 

You take a strategic approach to governance within the company you support, acting as the influential legal communicator to the organisation's key shareholders, board of directors, and executives. From working for solicitor firms, accountancy companies, the property industry and local and central government to organisations within the healthcare, education or charity space, company secretary jobs provide a broad range of excellent opportunities. 

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At JCW, we are equipped with the industry's top recruitment experts who know the market and know how to find the best company secretary vacancies to progress your career. Our established network allows us to connect you with the most sought-after roles for the most prominent clients within the legal vertical.

We will take time to work with you as your recruitment partner, dedicating our efforts to ensure we understand your career goals and the company secretary roles you desire. With this information, we will scope the market and our connections to find the best jobs to lead you to success. So whether you're looking for an entry-level company secretary role or a C-suite-level position, we will help you get to where you want to be.

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Company secretary duties and responsibilities

Various responsibilities accompany company secretary jobs. Of course, these duties will depend on the employer you work for and your experience level, but typically you will focus on supporting your employer to stay compliant with financial regulations. To provide more context about what to expect, here are the company secretary's duties and responsibilities you should expect to see.

  • Ensure your employer and its shareholders comply with the financial laws and regulations
  • Deliver clear communication between the board, committees, executives management, senior-level talent, and other shareholders
  • Inform governing bodies and Companies House of any changes to the organisation's share capital, administration, or registered address
  • Establish a relationship and liaise with external regulators and advisers, including lawyers and auditors
  • Stay updated with the industry's financial regulations and inform key shareholders of any changes and adapt strategies to maintain compliance
  • Manage the systems that ensure the company obliges with statutory requirements
  • Support and oversee share options, from issues with shares to takeovers and mergers
  • Some organisations may require you to manage the health and safety of its employers and take on some of the duties of an HR manager

Company secretary skills and qualifications

Successful candidates looking to apply for the latest company secretary jobs must have a broad range of skills and qualifications. We've listed some of the main ones below to show you how to make a career in this niche area of the legal sector. 

  • Excellent interpersonal written and verbal communication skills
  • A solid knowledge of the legal sector and corporate governance 
  • Great teamwork skills
  • Ability to manage various assignments simultaneously 
  • Fantastic attention to detail
  • Confident in approaching and working with company shareholders of all levels
  • Strong ability to problem-solve, analyse data, and work with confidential information
  • Preferred degree in accountancy and finance, law or business management

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By choosing us as your recruitment partner for your next company secretary job search, we will go above and beyond to give you an experience tailored to your specific needs. To us, no two people and no two candidates are the same. So discover our candidate commitment and see how we are committed to your future.

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