Search Capital Announces its Official Launch


LONDON, July 20, 2023 – Search Capital, a human capital investment firm, has officiall...

LONDON, July 20, 2023 – Search Capital, a human capital investment firm, has officially announced its launch today. Aimed at fostering the growth of both emerging and established talent businesses, Search Capital promises to provide the environment, infrastructure and network for strategic business development.

Uniquely positioned at the intersection of business development and investment, Search Capital brings a transformative approach to the traditional model of business growth. By strategically investing in and supporting the development of human capital firms, they help to scale businesses and accelerate their success.

Currently, the company's portfolio consists of five thriving businesses, including JCW Group, Guideline, Xander Talent, OutScout, and the recently launched Core Consultants. These companies, with collective revenues of ~$75 million, represent a diverse mix of traditional and non-traditional human capital businesses across multiple specialisms and regions.

Search Capital’s innovative shared service model allows portfolio companies to focus solely on growth by providing leaders essential shared services and frameworks such as marketing, HR, and finance, alongside access to a network of like-minded human capital business leaders with revenue generation capabilities that can catapult early stage businesses into the market. Furthermore, a dedicated local operation team is made available on a project basis to support growth and ensure seamless operations.

Expanding on this, Principal & Co-founder Et Halstead says, “Our vision isn’t just to fund businesses, but to create an ecosystem where innovation in recruitment, consulting, talent rec tech and human capital thrives. While investment is a crucial aspect of what we offer, we're fundamentally focused on creating an environment where partners are equipped with both guidance and the right tools for growth.”

Along with financial investment support and shared services, Search Capital brings a unique and invaluable offering to its portfolio companies – strategic growth planning expertise. Each company within the portfolio benefits not only from customised financial and operational strategies, but also from the opportunity to interact with an exclusive network of businesses and leaders in the industry, fostering a collaborative exchange of industry insights, ideas and best practices. Halstead observes, “What sets Search Capital apart is our depth of engagement- we immerse ourselves in understanding the nuances and aspirations of each unique human capital business.”

Uniquely, companies also benefit from direct mentorship from an experienced leadership team, providing tailored sales strategies, business guidance, and benchmarking. This hands-on support, coupled with strategic growth planning, equips businesses with a straightforward roadmap to success.

Search Cap Co-founder and Principal Jamie Woods shares his excitement about this new venture:

"The launch of Search Capital is all about giving talent businesses the support they need to succeed. This portfolio represents some of the fastest-growing businesses across the human capital landscape, and it's a tremendous privilege to be a part of their journey.”

“Our unique approach, combining strategic investment, shared services, and expert mentorship, provides these companies with the resources they need to excel. I'm personally looking forward to working closely with these innovative businesses, guiding them through tailored strategies and business benchmarks. With the recent addition of Core Consultants, it's an exciting time as we support our businesses in the next stage of exponential growth.”

Search Capital’s offering looks set to provide an innovative approach for businesses in recruitment and across the human capital industry to thrive and succeed.

Search Capital is a human capital investment vehicle that invests in and supports the growth of emerging and established recruitment businesses. By providing strategic growth planning, operational support, and financial investment, Search Capital helps businesses to scale and succeed.


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