How to Hire a Great Compliance Manager

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Protect Your Today and Tomorrow with Talent Hiring a great Compliance Manager is crucial to...

Protect Your Today and Tomorrow with Talent

Hiring a great Compliance Manager is crucial to the success – and safety – of your business. With the security and risk landscape ever-evolving, how can you ensure you have the best compliance staff on board?

Responsibility weighs heavily on the shoulders of your Compliance Manager. Gartner reports 65% of the world’s population will have personal data covered under modern privacy regulations by 2023. As data privacy reforms accelerate, other trends are emerging:

  • Increased remote work heightening security risks
  • A surge in post-COVID investigations and enforcements in response to fraudulent claims
  • Third-party supply chains posing increased risk of security breach
  • Increased compliance measures in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risk management

Here, you’ll learn how to hire the best person for the crucial role of Compliance Manager.

Understand Who You Need

Downloading your last updated version of the job description and pinging it to regular jobs boards is, quite simply, negligent of your business’s future. The business world changes drastically; the role of Compliance Manager will too. To ensure candidates understand your business needs from the position, be concise with your criteria:

  • Essential hard and soft skills required
  • Desirable skills that must be achieved through employment
  • Duties and responsibilities, with the need to be adaptable to change
  • Your workplace culture, and individual expectations
  • Your future growth plans
  • Why employees choose you

Those who are unqualified or unsuitable eliminate themselves, streamlining talent to the next stage of the process.

Create a Hiring Process to Target Talent

Hiring processes should begin long before a vacancy arises. Avoid leaving your team short-staffed, overworked, and distorted by preparing for future hiring. Most talented Compliance Managers aren’t actively seeking new opportunities. Therefore, you must:

  • Provide career paths and development for in-house talent
  • Nurture your talent pool from previous searches
  • Market employer brand online
  • Create an employee referral scheme
  • Embrace remote work where possible to broaden your reach
  • Ensure your perks and salary are at least on par with competitors

Partnering with a tech-specialized recruiter like JCW Resourcing is a channel that is laser-focused on sourcing talent through expertise, experience, resources, and manpower.

Screen Applications and Resumes

With unemployment rates still higher than pre-pandemic rates, vacancies are being drowned in low-quality applications. Screening applications and resumes is excruciatingly time-consuming, yet a crucial cog in filtering only talent through to the next phase.

You must invest in systems (like Applicant Tracking Systems – ATS) and people who can execute this effectively and efficiently. Partnering with a specialist recruitment agency will help to streamline this process further.

Screen with a Phone Interview

Before inviting candidates to an in-person interview, call them. You’ll get a better sense of their cultural fit and communication skills, and you will break the ice with promising candidates. Ensure your phone interviewer is an expert in this field and leaves a positive impression on candidates.

Design a Non-Biased Interview

Your interview panel must be on the same wavelengths and individually reflective of your company culture. Eliminate prejudice and discrimination by creating a universal scoring system designed specifically for the role. Have a set of role-specific questions that must be asked, and that will identify who is best matched to the role, team, and organization fairly.

Get Your Team Involved

When you’re down to the last few candidates, introduce each to the team they’ll be working with. Note the dynamics and ability to communicate as a team. This ensures your highly skilled candidate feels just as confident internally. Ask your team for their feedback. Let them contribute to the hiring decision to ensure seamless onboarding.

Hire Expertise to Hire Your Next Compliance Manager

Here at JCW Resourcing, we know the importance of hiring the best. On understanding your business staffing needs, we can create the same environment for you as we source incredibly talented, pre-vetted, and quality-checked candidates. Our experienced consultants are experts in matching candidate skill, experience, and personality to your business and your team.

We are here to provide a game-changing solution to your staffing requirements. Contact JCW Resourcing to hire your next Compliance Manager faster and successfully, or check out the latest compliance hiring trends and salaries in our 2021 salary guide.