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There’s Method In Our Madness, We Think…

A client who we work with regularly in the tax space, approached us for our help sourcing a tax lawyer. After receiving the role briefing, we began to start looking for candidates to fill this position.


Shortly after we began our search, the client contacted us again and informed us they were adjusting their structure within this department and were now looking to hire a whole team of new staff to build out this department.



We agreed to work with the client to hire all members of this department, a total of seven people at all levels of seniority. Our first priority was to source the head of department and then build out the rest of the team around this position.

We reached out to a candidate through LinkedIn who was looking for a new role after handing their notice in at another firm. As they were already in their notice period, the candidate was available to start in a new role almost immediately. The client liked this candidate and felt they were a good fit for the business, the candidate was brought on within three weeks.

This person became the foundation of the team and was now able liaise with us, providing their input and guidance to build out the rest of the department. Shortly afterwards, a new candidate was hired to work directly underneath the department head and in under two months, the rest of the team had been built out and our client had a whole new tax department.



The client was impressed with the speed at which we were able to hire an entire department. Off the back of this, this client has now asked us to help them recruit in all their other law departments, particularly for help sourcing senior staff members. All the candidates we placed in the team remain at the business and have integrated well together to re-establish the department. The client’s reputation in the market has been positively impacted as a result of the restructured department, they are now considered to be one of the market leaders in tax.

I was impressed with their professionalism, dedication, and thoroughness throughout the entire process.

Name: Senior Partner

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