CSR Policy

We are committed to being a socially and environmentally responsible organisation, actively engaging with and improving the world around us wherever possible. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts are focused on three key areas. They are:


We work with our chosen charity partners to identify and carry out fundraising schemes that support their mission and goals. We do this by:

  • Annual charity auction
  • Sponsored events and activities
  • Charity salary sacrifice option for employees
  • Donation boxes
  • In and outside office fundraising events
  • Internal competitions
  • Promoting the impact and work done by our charity partners wherever possible

Our global charity partner is currently the Myotubular Trust. Find out more about what they do here.


We believe in a sustainable future, so we’re always working towards minimising our impact on the environment wherever possible. We do this by:

  • Having clear internal policies on energy conservation and waste reduction
  • Considering environmental concerns in our procurement processes
  • Working with suppliers that are environmentally friendly
  • Encouraging staff to reduce waste wherever and whenever possible
  • Minimising the use of paper materials
  • Reducing carbon footprint by switching off lights and machines whenever not in use


Alongside ensuring our own business represents the values we believe in, we are committed to working in partnership with companies to help them build and grow diverse teams and provide candidate shortlists that are demographically representative. We do this by:

  • Committing to making our own workforce diverse and inclusive to represent the communities we work in
  • Engaging with companies that have clearly defined equality practices, or are actively aware of and working towards equality
  • Helping companies to source, build and maintain inclusive workforces through inclusively mindful recruitment
  • Dedicated diversity training for all staff
  • Un-biased job advert writing training
  • Diverse candidate sourcing best practice and training
  • Gender neutral job advertising, verified by dedicated tools
  • Securing our staff’s wellbeing and fair treatment
  • Creating meaningful employment that contributes to livelihoods of communities and breaks down barriers to work