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Established in 2007, with the global financial crisis just round the corner, JCW was brought to life in an Islington apartment with a  view to creating a business that would recruit solely in the risk and governance markets, but develop and grow over the long term to be a truly ‘full service’ recruiter within that specific niche – providing risk professionals to firms of all shapes and sizes, across all key global industry hubs.

In the years since, despite the interference of the longest global recession in history, we have been working hard to fulfil that aim and are now in a position with 40+ recruiters over 2 continents, delivering into 3 major industry sectors (financial services, life sciences and natural resources) where we can say that the goal is genuinely within sight.  Through providing a particularly high level of service to our clients, the rigid application of best practice recruitment, our own magic formula for attracting candidates in what is a very candidate short market and through just ‘wanting it’ more than most of our competition, we have grown the business considerably year on year and are now comfortably the second largest specialist in our market globally.

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