Refer a friend

Good people know good people.

Who do you know that could be interested in a career move within our five jobs sectors? Put yourself in a ‘win-win’ situation today by helping out a friend and receiving up to £500 worth of vouchers of your choice! Treat yourself and go on a spending spree in any online or high street retailers of your choice.

If you introduce a candidate to us that we have no prior knowledge of, and they get placed with one of our clients, then you'll receive a referral fee.*

Candidates seeking permanent employment:

If below Senior Manager / VP level = £250

All other levels (more senior than above) = £500

Candidates seeking contract roles:

All contractor introductions (subject to minimum qualification criteria) = £250

Simply email your referral to hello@jcwsourcing.com or fill out the form below. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Form ID:2844

*Referral fees for contract candidates will be paid 6 weeks after starting their new role. Referral fees for permanent candidates will be paid 3 months after starting their new role.

Subject to vouchers being on offer for the retailer you choose. If the retailer you choose doesn't offer vouchers you will need to pick another retailer that offers a voucher service.