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JCW has achieved rapid growth since its inception through the utilisation of a number of strengths, not least our comprehensive development programme.  This programme is best described as consisting of three constituent parts;


Our consultant training programme has been developed through years of experience as a business and through considerable external investment with various external training consultancies, and ranges from the ‘training up’ of new staff with no recruitment experience to the more bespoke training elements offered at Senior Consultant level and above.  Our approach minimises classroom based learning, with the bulk of the programme leaning toward practical development and application – ‘on the job’ training.  JCW works with a multitude of external training and coaching organisations, which are employed for more specialist development as and when it is required.


All staff, from trainee through to managing director, have a detailed development plan that is updated at the very least on a quarterly basis.  The plans provide specific developmental advice on every aspect of an individuals’ role, and are essential to the development not only of our staff individually, but our business as a whole.  If you think that you already know it all and have nothing to learn, this is not the business for you!


Good managers are, in our view, the difference between a great recruitment firm and a mediocre one.  Your manager – who him or herself will be part of a rigorous development programme – will take an active interest in your development and will be responsible, along with yourself of course, for ensuring that your individual goals are achieved.  All our managers ‘have the t-shirt’ from a performance perspective, and will have high expectations of you.  If you’re brand new into the industry then you should expect them to be hands on.  If you’re more experienced then you’ll get all the autonomy that you need.

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