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Ten reasons to work at JCW

  • Commission

    We pay better than the rest for good people.

  • Career
    Clear, fair, structured career path focusing on achievement over experience. Everyone to have clarity on what is next step, what needs to be achieved to get there and how long it will take.

  • Training
    Structured 12 week training programme for new starters, extensive internal and external programmes for senior consultants.

  • Development
    Rigorous development framework to ensure all staff are learning – associate through to MD.

  • Management
    Managers that ‘have the t-shirt’ and care about the success of their people, managers that will push them.

  • Benefits
    Flexible benefits focused around providing health and wellbeing in an otherwise demanding/high paced environment.

  • Wealth
    Partnership structure to allow for genuine wealth development for high achievers.

  • Incentives
    High performers ‘live the life’. Trips to vegas, Michelin * lunches, etc.

  • Entrepreneurial
    Build a business as a consultant, then get the opportunity to build a division as a manager. Learn business back to front.

  • Achievement culture
    Work with other people who really want ‘it’ and are good at what they do.

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