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Global Locations

United Kingdom

Our UK office is based in the City of London but we’re by no means limited to working with clients and candidates in the London area alone. During JCW’s lifetime, we’ve successfully placed candidates and continue to work with clients who are based across the length and breadth of the British Isles.

United States

Our US office is based in midtown in New York City and was established in early 2012. The NYC office operates in a very similar way to the UK in that they are not constrained by geography. We’ve successfully completed numerous hiring projects across the whole of America.


We have two offices based in Europe; one in Amsterdam and our newly opened office in Germany. Our office in Amsterdam enables us to cater to the local Dutch market but also, because of Holland's reasonably central location, to be able to supply to the entirety of mainland Europe. We have numerous examples of successfully completed European mandates and are continuing our growth within this division.


Our Clients