Future Plans

Since the day JCW was born in April 2007, we have been solely focused on building our business to the point where we can credibly say that we are the number one governance recruitment firm globally, by all relevant measures.  Whilst we have made great strides toward that goal over the intervening years, we are yet to achieve it, and have a number of key plans in place to ensure that we secure the top spot within the next five years.

Whilst we have no intention of going down the generalist route that many of our competitors favour – by diversifying out of governance recruitment – we are a high growth business with global ambitions, and expect to realise our expansion plans not just through growth in our existing markets but also through establishing commercial operations in new client industries and geographies.

Founded in the UK, and launching our US business in 2012, we aim to consolidate our position in these markets over the next couple of years, before potentially building out into new international markets. We currently provide placement services to three core industries; financial services, life sciences and natural resources. Over time, we aim to be able to provide a credible governance recruitment service to the various industry sectors that exist outside of these three areas. 

Our Clients